George Fabric Kaftan Delivery In About 18 Days


$ 39.00

Many Of Colors To Choose From 

George Fabric Kaftan, Red,Black,Dark Green,Light Green,Blue,Light Gold,Dark Gold,Violet,Brown, Purple, Size 53" Length, 54" Bust, 

Get the look of royalty. George Fabric Kaftan and cap. 53" in length. Up to 54" bust. 100% Viscose. One size fits most. Best results if hand washed. Made in India. C-W95200

Please note: The White/White option will be a white kaftan with white embroidery down the front of the chest, with the standard gold threads running through the garment. This garment is not all white.


Also: The White/Gold option will have gold embroidery down the front of the chest but could have either gold or silver threads running through the garment, as this changes from shipment to shipment.

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