1 Genuine African Pono Mask Delivery In About 8 Days


$ 80.00

Handmade And Imported From Cameroon, Delivery In About 8 Days USA Only,

11" long x 7" wide x 5" deep. Made in Cameroon. This Price Is For One Mask Only.


Pono masks represent idealized female ancestors' faces. The white color of the mask is genderless; white is a symbol for peace, deities, spirits of the dead, and the afterlife. It is thus the predominating color in funeral celebrations and memorials. Therefore the masks were worn during funerals. They appeared also in the magical rites whose function was to unmask sorcerers. The masks have realistic, mostly white but sometimes black faces with protruding pursed lips, globular protruding eyes incised with a curve, high-domed foreheads, and characteristic rigid high coiffures reflecting the Punu women's hair styles.

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