Genuine African Mask Delivery In About 6 Days


$ 185.00

Genuine Hand Carved African Mask Imported From Kenya, Delivery In About 6 Days USA Only.  $25.00 Of The Price Of This Product Is For Shipping Charges. Shipping Charges Are $35.00

Over-Sized Kenyan Family Tree Mask 36"

 Over-Sized Kenyan Family Tree Mask 36" Add some African art to your walls with this Over-Sized Kenyan Family Tree Mask. Masks are a long tradition in African art. This hand-carved mask depicts a face with an African family over the head. It is a celebration of the African carving technique and the African family. It is 36” high X 10” wide. Hand-carved from 100% wood in Kenya. Item will incur oversized shipping Charges.

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