African Black Seed Oil (90) Capsules - 500 mg, Delivery In About 6 Days

African Black Seed Oil (90) Capsules - 500 mg, Delivery In About 6 Days


$ 26.00

Improve Your Health with Black Seed Oil Capsules
Black seed oil has been renowned for centuries, and within the last 40 years scientific studies have revealed its variety of benefits. Black seed oil has many antioxidant properties, which can help to keep your skin youthful and clear. Black seed oil can also be helpful for the following conditions:
• Skin and intestinal fungus
• Bronchitis
• Frequent colds
• Headaches
• Eczema and dry skin disorders
It has also been reported to lower blood pressure and to improve the immune system because of its beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids. Includes 90 capsules.

Herbal remedies give you the healing you need the way Mother nature intended. These new herbs from Africa can easily be used in teas, steams, in the bathtub, or in a multitude of other ways to heal your body from the inside out!.

Add a few teaspoons of the herbal powders or a small handful of the crushed herbal leaves to a pot of boiling water. Remove the water from the heat and lean over the pot, draping your head with a towel to trap the steam. Hold your face over the steam for 5 minutes, breathing in the herbs and letting them infiltrate your pores. The nutrients in the herbs are caught in the steam and then absorbed by your skin and in your breathing. Each of the herbs has different healing qualities, so steaming can be a great way to get those benefits.


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